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April 22, 2013

HTC E1 Tips and Tricks


It is very important if you know some tips on your device like HTC E1. It will help you learn more about your device to make your life much easier in using it. Improving your productivity and fulfilling what you expected on your HTC E1.

Here are some How To's for your HTC E1. These How To's may still not yet complete and I am finding some time to work on the others:

How to Factory Reset (Hard Reset) HTC E1

Resetting your HTC E1 will restore the default settings of your device. It will also delete all your files on your phone, so it is recommended to have a backup of your important files on your computer. There are two ways on how to reset your HTC E1. It can be done through the settings or through the hardware buttons.

Resetting HTC E1 on Settings:
  • Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap the Gear Icon or Settings.
  • Select Backup & reset.
  • Tap Reset phone
  • If you want to delete all your files, then tap Erase all data.
  • Then tap OK to confirm.

Resetting HTC E1 by Hardware Buttons:

These steps is also helpful when your HTC E1 is unresponsive or frozen and there's no way to access the settings.

  • First, press and hold the Volume Down button, and then do the same way on the Power button.
  • Hold the two buttons until the three Android images appear on the screen. 
  • Release the button when the three Android images appear and press Volume Down.
  • Tap on Factory Reset, and then press the Power Button to confirm.

How to Import Contacts From Old Phone to New Phone (on iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Nokia)

Contacts is very important for everyone of us. We can't connect to our friends without a contact number. If you have a new phone, saving contacts on the phone one by one is so hassle. But now, there's an easy way how to transfer or import your contacts from your old phone to your new phone.

Use your PC to transfer contacts to your new phone. This process is applicable in several phone brands, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Nokia.

You just need an Internet Connection on your PC, your old and new phone and their own USB cable.

Then you need to install the PC Companion program. This is a free application and the installation files are already saved on your new phone. This program can also be used in updating your phone software.

Please note that if you are using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on your PC, make sure that the AutoPlay setting is enabled.

To check your settings:

Click Start > Control Panel, then type "autoplay" on the search box. Click the AutoPlay, and mark the check box Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.

Installing the PC Companion:

  • Turn on your new Phone and connect it to your PC.
  • On your new Phone, tap "Install" to install PC Companion on the PC.
  • On your computer, if a pop-up window that appears notifies you about available PC Software, select Run Startme.exe.
  • Then click Install to start the installation and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

If you are not prompted with a pop-up window to install the PC Companion, you can also download the PC Companion here.

Transferring your contacts to your new phone:

  • Make sure that PC Companion is installed on your PC.
  • Open the PC Companion application on your PC.
  • Then click Contacts Setup and follow the instructions to transfer your contacts.

How to Send a Multimedia Message and Create a Slideshow on HTC E1

Text messaging has grown its popularity over the years especially to younger generations. People, especially teens, prefer to communicate with friends and relatives thru texting instead of the traditional call. But whether your reaching out to friends thru text or a call, what matters most is the effort for still trying to keep in touch despite distance and even on busy schedules. We should be more grateful these days as it only takes minutes, even seconds, for a quick response unlike the old school snail mail. Now, everyone is just a text away. And more to that, you can even send multimedia messages (MMS) especially on special occasions to add more touch to a simple text-filled screen. Here's how you can send a MMS on HTC Desire U.

1. On your device's homescreen, tap onand go to Messages.
2. Then tap on
3. On the To Field, key in a contact name, mobile number or email address. You can also send it to a group of friends by tapping on
4. To add a subject line, tap onand go to Add Subject.
5. Tap on the box that says Add text and there you can type in your special message.
6. Choose an attachment for your message by tapping on
7.  After you browse and select an attachment, tap on Send or pressto save it as a draft. You can also tap onto see options like replacingviewing and removing your attachment.

Now if you wish your Mutimedia Message to reach an extra mile, you can have it on a slideshow format. Here's how you can create one:

1. After you've attached a photo/video/audio in your MMS, tap ononce again and select Slide.
2. Then choose where you want to insert the next slide.
3. When you're done adding the next slide, you can either do the following:
  •  tap onand choose to add a video or a photo
  •  tap onand then audio if you want to add a voice recording or a music to the slide
  •  tap on Add Text to add a caption
  •  tap onto view options like replacingviewing or removing your attachment.
4. To preview your MMS slideshow, tap on   select Preview. If you don't see Preview, scroll down the menu. To view the playback controls, tap once the preview screen.
5. When it's all set and done, press on or tap on Send to save message as a draft.

Now you can make someone's day a very special one with this creative and personalize MMS.

How to Set HTC E1 into Sleep Mode

Like any other device, setting HTC E1 into sleep mode will somehow save its battery life. Sleep mode puts your device into a lower power state while the display is off. It also prevents accidental button presses when its in your pocket or bag. Here's how you can set HTC E1 into sleep mode.

1. Briefly press on your device's Power button to turn off the display.  Then switch to Sleep Mode.

2. To change the time before your device sleeps, just go to Display & buttons settings.

3. To wake it up, manually press the Power button and unlock your screen.

4. Your device will also automatically wakes up when you have an incoming call.

How to Extend Battery Life of HTC E1

Battery Life depends on how you use your device. For HTC E1 device, if you want to save your battery to last longer hours, you may need to adjust your settings. Follow these suggestions:

• Turn on the power-saving option on the device. Then lessen the screen brightness and the screen lock timeout.

1. Slide the Notifications panel open.

- You can also choose which phone features to conserve the power. Just tap the Power saver notification first before you turn power saver mode on.

2. To turn the power saver mode on or off, tap the check button next to the Power saver notification.

• Turn down your device volume with the volume keys.

• Close any apps or features when you are done using it so they will not continuously running in the background.

• Turn off the network connection if you are out of range so that your device will stop searching for a network signal.

• You should use the latest version of the software update. Software updates improves some features and fixes some bugs on the previous software version.

• Turn off the camera flash.

• The camera viewfinder can be a power drain, so after you've finished taking photos.

How to Take Continuous Camera Shots on HTC E1

Want to take photos continuously on your HTC E1? You just need to set the settings and you can now capture the moment of the action. Every movement of the action counts, so take the photo continuously.

Follow these steps:

1. First, make sure that you're in Normal scene to use this feature.

2. On the Viewfinder screen, just press and hold on.

- It should take 20 consecutive shots since it is the default settings.

- If you want to capture more than 20 shots, just tap on the Gear Icon or Settings, then Continuous shooting. After that, clear the Limit to 20 frames option.

3. You can also select the photo that you like most by tapping Best shot. If you don't want the other photos, then you can delete it.

How to Set up Speed Dialing on HTC E1

Speed dialing is definitely a must-have feature on any phones. Whether you're in a hurry or in an emergency, this feature lets you call important contacts right away by just dialing a number key on your phone. For all HTC E1 users, here's how you can set up speed dialing on your device.

1. First, open the phone app on your device.

2. Then tapand go to Speed Dial.

3. Now tapand select a contact from the list.

4. On the Speed dial screen, choose the phone number of the contact to use
and a speed dial key to assign for that contact.

5. Once your done, tap Save.

Take note that the number 1 key is generally used and reserved for calling voicemail and retrieving voicemail messages.

How to Make Your HTC E1 a Wireless Router

Smartphones these days can now share its mobile data connection and act as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. And like those high-end gadgets, HTC E1 is sure to let you experience the benefits of making it as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Here's how you can make your HTC E1 phone the next Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap the Gear Icon or Settings.
  • Under Wireless & Network, tap More.
  • Select Mobile network sharing > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings
  • Enter your preferred router name, or you can also use the default name.
  • Choose the type of security and set a password for your wireless router. (If you selected none, then you don't have to enter a password.)
  • Select the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot option to turn on the wireless router. 

When you see the router wireless icon, then your HTC E1 is ready to be used as a router.


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