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March 4, 2013

NOOK HD/HD+ Tips and Tricks (How To's)


It is very important if you know some tips on your device like NOOK HD/HD+. It will help you learn more about your device to make your life much easier in using it. Improving your productivity and fulfilling what you expected on your NOOK HD/HD+.

Here are some How To's for your NOOK HD/HD+.  These How To's may still not be completed:

How to Factory Reset (Hard Reset) Your NOOK HD/HD+

If you have forgotten your passcode, then you may need to do the factory reset. By performing this process, it will deregister your device as well as erases all local content such as contacts, sideloaded documents, personal information, wishlists, 4 digit passcodes, etc. It is recommended that you have a copy of all your wanted files to an SD card or computer. But all Barnes & Noble content will be downloadable upon re-registering.

To reset your NOOK HD/HD+:

• First you need to turn off your NOOK HD/HD+.

• Press the power button and hold it down for 5 seconds.
• Just ignore the window that will appear asking if your really want to turn off your device.
• Once your NOOK HD/HD+ is turned off, press and hold the power button (at the upper-right) and the home button (at the bottom) for about 8 seconds then release.
• Press the power button for about 1 second then you should be prompted whether to proceedwith the factory reset or not.

You can now re-register your NOOK HD/HD+ by following the same steps you used when youfirst set up your device.

How to Refresh NOOK HD/HD+ to Download Your Pre-ordered NOOK Book

Unable to download your pre-ordered NOOK Book? Then all you need to do is torefresh the digital content on your NOOK HD/HD+.

Follow these easy steps on how to refreshthe content of your NOOK library:

• Turn off your NOOK HD completely by pressing and holding down the power button for about 3-5 seconds.
• Tap “Power Off”.
• After one minute, turn your NOOK HD on.
• On your Home Screen go to "My Library".
• Tap on the 4 horizontal lines located at the lower left corner.
• Select "Refresh".

You may now try to open your NOOK Book again.

If these steps won't work you need to refresh the NOOK Book's content by moving it to NOOK Cloud and making it active again.

To move an item to NOOK Cloud, do this:

1. Press and hold on the NOOK Book.

A pop up menu opens.

2. Tap to "Move to NOOK Cloud" menu choice.

Your NOOK removes the item from your NOOK and saves a copy in your NOOK Cloud fordownloading.

To make the NOOK Book active again, you need to move the item from NOOK Cloud to your NOOK.

To move an item from NOOK Cloud back to your NOOK, find the item's cover in your library and tap on it.

This should refresh the content of the NOOK Book and you should now be able to downloadyour pre-ordered NOOK Book.

How to Cancel Your NOOK Subscription

There will come a time that you no longer want to continue your eSubscription from Barnes & Noble and want to cancel it.

Canceling your NOOK subscription is just very easy. Here's a simple steps on how to cancel your NOOK subscription:

• Go to

• Click on "My Account" at the upper right corner.
• Enter your email address and password, then "Sign In".
• Scroll down to Digital Management.
• Click on Manage Subscriptions listed under Digital Downloads.
• Locate the publication you wish to cancel and click on Cancel.

If you want to make that your NOOK subscription is canceled. I strongly suggests to contact B&N customer service.

How to Setup NOOK HD Using Mac to Transfer Files

Before you can sideload content from your Mac to your NOOK HD/HD+, you will be required to perform a one-time installation of a driver prior to your first file transfer.

Once the process is complete, then you will now be able to transfer files successfully on your Mac. You may follow the steps below on how to setup your Mac.

To download the driver:

• First connect you NOOK to your Mac.

• There should be a NOOK Drive appear in your Mac, open the NOOK drive.

• Then, open “MyNOOKSetup.html.” A browser page which links to instructions will open.

• Click A file named will download on your Mac.

• If the download is complete, open the zip file and follow the install instructions.

• Once downloaded, go to the Finder to locate the file and click it.

• After reading and accepting the Terms & Conditions, the file will automatically install.

• Once installation is done, disconnect your NOOK device from the Mac.

• You may also need to restart your Mac. After it has restarted, connect your NOOK.

• Open the NOOK drive on the desktop.

The installation is complete! You may now try to transfer files from your Mac to your NOOK HD/HD+. To transfer the file simply drag and drop it to the folder want to place the file.


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