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March 24, 2013

Motorola Atrix 2 Tips and Tricks


It is very important if you know some tips on your device like Motorola Atrix 2. It will help you learn more about your device to make your life much easier in using it. Improving your productivity and fulfilling what you expected on your Motorola Atrix 2.

Here are some How To's for your Motorola Atrix 2. These How To's may still not yet complete and I am still finding some time to work on the others:

How to Factory Reset Motorola Atrix 2

Resetting your Motorola Atrix 2 will restore the default settings of your device. It will also delete all your files on your phone, so it is recommended to have a backup of your important files on your computer. There are two ways on how to reset your Motorola Atrix 2. It can be done through the settings or through the hardware buttons.

Resetting Motorola Atrix 2 on Settings:

  • On your Home screen, press Menu.
  • Go to Settings, and select Privacy.
  • Tap on Factory data reset.
  • Then tap Reset phone.
  • And Erase everything to confirm the reset.

Resetting Motorola Atrix 2 on Hardware Buttons:

These steps is also helpful when your Motorola Atrix 2 is unresponsive or frozen and there's no way to access the settings. If it is frozen, remove the battery and reinsert it after a few minutes.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Keys Up  & Down.
  • When your phone will show the boot mode menu, press the Volume Down to highlight Recovery.
  • Then press Volume Up to start Recovery.
  • Your phone will reboot, then shows the Android robot.
  • When the robot appears on your screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down together.
  • The recovery menu should appear on the screen. 
  • Press the Volume keys to scroll to the factory reset option.
  • Press the Power button to activate.
  • Use the Volume keys to scroll to the Yes to confirmation, then press the Power button to confirm.
  • When the reset is complete, press the Power button to choose reboot from the recovery menu.

Battery Life depends on how you use your device. For Motorola Atrix 2 device, if you want to save your battery to last longer hours, you may need to adjust your settings. Follow these suggestions:

• To see what's using your battery more, go to Settings > Battery. If you want to set an automatic rules of saving more battery, tap on Apps, and select Smart Actions.

• Turn down your device volume with the volume keys.

• Close any apps or features when you are done using it so they will not continuously running in the background.

• Turn off the network connection if you are out of range so that your device will stop searching for a network signal.

• You should use the latest version of the software update. Software updates improves some features and fixes some bugs on the previous software version.

• Turn off the camera flash.

• Use the Airplane Mode if you are not using any connections.

How to Update Motorola Atrix 2

There will come a time that Motorola or your Internet Service Provider will give a software update for your Motorola Droid Atrix 2 device. The update is needed to fix some bugs and for you to experience the newly added features. It may come by batch, but if you have not receive the update for a while, then you may need to manually check for the updates.

1. On your device's screen, tap on Appsand go to Settings menu.

2. Then select About phone..

3. Then tap System updates.

Make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet to install the update successfully.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Apps on Motorola Atrix 2

There will come a time that you no longer want to play the app that you have downloaded and want to remove it from your phone (Motorola Atrix 2). If this time will come, you just need to uninstall or disable the app so it will be removed on your phone.

Follow these steps on how to uninstall and reinstall your apps.

To uninstall an app:
  • From your Home screen, tap Menu.
  • Then select Manage Apps.
  • Tap on the app you want to Disable or Uninstall.

Disabling the app will remove it from your menu. If you want to Enable it again, just reopen the window and tap Enable.

In case the app locks up your phone as you turn it on, just restart your phone in Safe Mode. Turn off your phone and turn it back after a minute. If you see a Motorola logo during the power up, press and hold both volume keys until you see the home screen, with Safe Mode in the lower left. Then you may try removing the app.

To reinstall an app:

If the app is from Google play store, simply go to Apps Play Store > My apps. From there you can see your apps ready to download again.

How to Add or Remove Widgets on Motorola Atrix 2

Adding Widgets on your Homescreen will help you improve your productivity in using your Motorola Atrix 2. If you don't know what widgets means, Widgets are small applications that you can directly use on your Homescreen. These will serve as your shortcut icon so will no longer need to access the Menu.

To add a Widgets:
  • Go to Apps.
  • Tap and hold on the widget.
  • To change your wallpaper, tap and hold an empty spot on the home screen.
  • You can also add a folder to organize your shortcuts.

There are also app that include special widgets. If you want to download apps, just tap on Apps, then select Play Store.

To move or delete widgets:
  • Tap and hold on a widget you want to delete/move until it vibrates.
  • Then drag it to another spot/page, or simply Remove at the top of the screen.


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