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March 3, 2013

LG Optimus G Tips & Tricks (How To's)


It is very important if you know some tips on your device like LG Optimus G. It will help you learn more about your device to make your life much easier in using it. Improving your productivity and fulfilling what you expected on your LG Optimus G.

Here are some How To's for your LG Optimus G. These How To's are still not yet complete and I am still working on the others:

How to Factory Reset LG Optimus G

Resetting your Optimus G will restore the default settings of your device. It will also delete all your files on your phone, so it is recommended to backup all your important files on your computer.

Luckily in Optimus G, you can backup your data through your phone on privacy settings before wiping all the data on your phone. But if you want to erase all the content on your phone, then there’s no need for you to backup your data.

To backup your data:

You can only backup app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers.

Step 1. Tap on the Home Icon > Three Horizontal Lines or Settings.

Step 2. Select System settings > Backup & reset.

Step 3. Double check if the Backup account is correct.

Step 4. Then tap Back up my data. (A blue checkmark will appear.)

Step 5. If you want to set to the automatic restore backups, tap Automatic restore. (A blue checkmark will appear.)

To Factory Reset Your Optimus G:

Step 1. Tap on the Home Icon Three Horizontal Lines or Settings.

Step 2. Select System settings > Backup & reset.

Step 3. If you want to proceed in restoring the factory settings, tap Factory data reset.

Step 4. Then tap Reset phone.

Step 5. Enter the unlock sequence if you have, then tap Erase everything to confirm.

How To Make Your Optimus G a WiFi Hotspot

Do you want to share your Internet connection for your friends? With LG Optimus G, you can now share your connection with up to 5-8 devices by turning on the portable Wi-Fi hotspot. You will notice an icon in the Status bar when your phone is sharing a data connection.

Follow these steps on how to make your Optimus G a WiFi hotspot:

Step 1. Tap on the Home Icon > Three Horizontal Lines or Settings.

Step 2. Select System settings > Tap More.

Step 3. Then choose Portable WiFi hotspot to activate. (A blue check mark will appear). Your phone should start the broadcasting with its WiFi network name (SSID) so it can connect to other devices.

If you want to change the network name or put a password, tap on Configure WiFi hotspot.

Tap on Network SSID field and enter your preferred name.

It is also recommended to put a password so others can't connect without your permission. Tap the Security menu and select WPAP2 PSK (WiFi Protected Access 2 with a Pre-shared Key.). When a password field is added to the dialog box, enter a password. Every time there's a person you will attempt to connect to your Portable WiFi, he/she will need to enter the password.

The SSID Visibility if you want your hotspot to be displayed or not on other devices.

If you want to limit the number of users on your hotspot, tap on Max Users and select the number of phones you want.

Then don't forget to Save the changes you made.

How to Add Applications to the Homescreen on LG Optimus G

By adding applications on your homescreen, you're creating a hassle-free phone experience. Important apps or apps that you usually open are accessible if you put it right on your homescreen instead of going thru lot of  tapping and clicking. Now here's how you can add applications that you use most often on your LG Optimus G smartphone.

1. First you need to tap on.

2. Then tap on.

3. From there, touch and hold the application you wish to be added to your homescreen.

4. And lift your finger to place the app on the homescreen or you can drag the app icon to where you want it on the screen and then lift your finger.

That's it! You've just customized your homescreen by adding your must-have apps.

How to Turn On Wi-Fi Direct on LG Optimus G

In case you don't know what is the use of the Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Direct will let your device connect directly to other devices that is also Wi-Fi enabled without an access point. You can directly transfer data between the devices connected to each other with reduced setup. Since the Wi-Fi Direct may consume a high battery usage, so it is recommended that you plug your phone into a power outlet while using it.

To turn On your Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Tap on the Home icon, then the Three Horizontal Line or Settings.
  • Select System Settings, then More.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi Direct. (A blue check will appear once activated.)
  • If you want to create a group, then tap Create Group.
  • If you want to search more devices, then tap Search.

How to Add and Forget a Wi-Fi Network on LG Optimus G

The steps below will let you show how to add a wi-fi network manually whenever you're out of range or the network itself won't show its SSID. However, if you want to connect to a secured network, you may need to obtain the network's password. Here's how to add a wi-fi network on LG Optimus G.

1. First, you need to turn on WiFi if it's not already on.

2. On WiFi settings, tap on Add Network.

3. Then type in the network's name or the SSID. If its a secured network, tap the Secured drop down menu and tap the type of security used in the network.

4. Type in the password or security credentials of the secured network.

5. Tap on Save.

Since you have just saved a password, you're device will automatically connect  to the network when you come in range. But if you don't want your phone to connect automatically or if the network is no longer in use, you can do the following steps below:

1.Turn on WiFi.

2. Go to WiFi settings and tap and hold the name of network.

3. And tap on Forget Network.

How to Extend Battery Life of LG Optimus G

Battery Life depends on how you use your device. For LG Optimus G device, if you want to save your battery to last longer hours, you may need to adjust your settings. Follow these suggestions:

• Turn on the power-saving option on the device.

- To turn on the Power saving mode. Tap on the Home icon > then the 3-Horizontal line or Settings System settings > Powersaver and drag the switch to the “ON” position.

• Lessen the screen brightness and the screen lock timeout.

• Turn down your device volume with the volume keys.

• Close any apps or features when you are done using it so they will not continuously running in the background.

• Turn off the network connection if you are out of range so that your device will stop searching for a network signal.

• You should use the latest version of the software update. Software updates improves some features and fixes some bugs on the previous software version.

• Turn off the camera flash.

• The camera viewfinder can be a power drain, so after you've finished taking photos.


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