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March 7, 2013

How to Backup and Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Victory


Resetting your Samsung Galaxy Victory will restore the default settings of your device. It will also delete all your files on your phone, so it is recommended to backup all your important files on your computer.

Luckily in Samsung Galaxy Victory you can backup your data through your phone on settings before wiping all the data on your phone. But if you want to erase all the content on your phone, then there’s no need for you to backup your data.

How to Backup and Restore:

The phone can be configured to back up your current settings, application data, and settings.

1. Go to Settings, and select Backup and Reset.

2. Then, tap Back up my data to create a backup of your current phone settings and

3. To assign the account being backed up, tap on Backup account.

4. If you want to be assisted in the re-installation of a previously installed application, tap on Automatic restore.

How to Factory Reset:

From this menu you can reset your phone and sound settings to the factory default settings.

1. Go to Settings, and select Backup and Reset.

2. Then tap on Factory data reset.

3. Read carefully the information on the screen before resetting.

4. If you want to proceed in resetting your device, then tap Reset device to confirm.

5. If you have set your password, then enter your password and tap Delete all. The phone resets to the factory default settings automatically and when finished displays the Home screen.


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