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February 21, 2013

How to Make Frozen Throne (Dota) Full Screen on Windows 7 & 8


The default resolution of the Frozen Throne (Dota) may not be fit on your monitor or screen on your computer. So you need to adjust some settings to make it fit or full screen on your computer. Adjusting the screen resolution for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is just similar. Just follow the steps below to make your Frozen Throne in full screen.

Step 1. Open your Windows Registry. Press "Windows + R" to make the Run window appear.

Step 2. Then type "regedit" and Enter.

Step 3. Locate the registry entry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Blizzard Entertainment > Warcraft III > Video"

Step 4. Find "resheight" and "reswidth" on the list and change the number to the desired.

Step 5. If your hesitant with your screen resolution, right click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution".

Step 6. Know the full screen of your monitor and enter it on the "resheight" and "reswidth".

Note: Choose the "Decimal" option in changing the screen resolution.


DeV said...

I have done the editing but it didn't happen. The game is still not running in full-screen mode

DeV said...

ohh !! sorry for the previous post. It did happen. I just swapped the pixel specifications and it worked. Great :)
height: 768(in decimal)
width: 1366(in decimal)

Christian Abalo said...

No problem.,Thanks for dropping by.,

Kamikazeh said...

Thx for This Tips.....

MH Koid said...

where is the window registry==

MH Koid said...

i put 768 height and width 1366 ady but still not happen

MH Koid said...

TQ it work ady i put height 1000 and width 1600

Christian Abalo said...

thats good to hear.,:)

Christian A said...

You're welcome.,

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