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September 2, 2012

New Motorola Full Screen Phone


Motorola Mobility has a scheduled press conference on September 5 in New York with U.S largest wireless carrier Verizon. After being acquired by Google in May for about $12.5 billion, the phone maker is setting new records in U.S history with its first edge-to-edge Android phone according to an unnamed source.

The said new Motorola phone will use the entire front of the device as a display. It is eliminating black frames around the display. If indeed this speculation is true, this would be “Motorola’s high-profile product debut” since the company was brought by search giant Google.Motorola’s edge-to-edge phone will run on Google’s Android platform and partners with Verizon which has the largest U.S network running LTE.

So with Apple’s iPhone 5 upcoming release and Nokia’s Windows 8 phone, Motorola is squeezing in and trying to stand out in a jam packed smartphone world. We’ll see who will stand tall then. Motorola’s product is set to hit the shelves later this year.

Sources: BloomBerg, TGDaily
Image Credit: TGDaily


Anonymous said...

Hurry Motorola.. before Apple come up with their own full touch screen device

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